Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Mind Powers

Fairly recently they were able to resyncronize our mind powers with the energies of the planet. With this resyncronization they updated the current chips out there, slightly changing some of the properties. The new technology updates allow us to quickly deploy some of our mind powers, requiring much less concentration time in order to draw in the energy we need to manifest our desired result. It took awhile, but I was able to purchase a regeneration chip, a level III one, to use for healing instead of a standard Vivo. I got a chance to take the new toy for a spin last night and quickly fell in love with this thing. It is pretty fast and the added range I can work in makes healing groups so much easier. To me it feels so natural to use my mind for doing things instead of using tools. Granted I cannot mine with my mind yet, but at least I can use my mind to heal others now. I feel like a healer in some of those old fantasy books now, gracefully casting forth my energies in a spell that restores the life of my fellow adventurers. Although it isn't quite like what I imagine that to be, but a modern day cleric of sorts, it is a pretty interesting thing. Also with the reintroduction of our mind force powers they discovered new ways to procure mind essence. We are now able to acquire sweat from creatures we have killed to use with force nexus, although this new sweat is not near as vibrant it does allow us to use a few of our powers. There is also now a synthetic mind essence, one that doesn't require us to find force nexus or acquire sweat. This stuff is great, it is what I use for healing. Being able to buy as much as I need as if it were ammo makes it so much easier to use my powers and not break the bank. So with all these changes we are in a position to be as much mystics as the shamans that the natives have. So the next thing I need to save up some PED to buy is some more chips to make myself a true mindtropian.

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