Monday, January 23, 2012

Small Starts

Starting cost for the rookie run is 2.01 PED to buy the finder and the probes to search with. Today I find myself at Ashi, knowing what I know about the area it is good enough to start off, so I head out in search for what riches lie in the ground to the south.

Not much for riches this time, a meager 0.48 PED narcanisum stones, 0.15 PED oil and 0.12 PED lysterium. This isn't much to work with, but with the inferior gear to what I normally use it wasn't a surprising run. The mining also damaged my excavator a bit, dropping its value to 1.94 PED.

Taking a walk afterwards to relieve the restlessness of not working my primary profession took me past a herd of longu, by chance I actually found 29 untrampled papplon, bringing my total to 68. It also appeared something had been digging along the path I walked, because 58 brukite stones had been left lying on the ground. By the time I finished my stroll I found myself at Chimera Canyons, knowing how much I didn't like walking around in the canyon I teleported myself away to Treasure Island, a fairly peaceful area to walk.

After a long, peaceful, quiet walk through the middle and eastern side of Treasure Island I find myself richer by 90 papplon, 19 caroot, 179 bombardo, 25 brukite and 124 sopur. Not a bad walk, was nice to clear my head and remember my goals. Oh, and not to mention the 44 dung to add to the pile, lucky for me our PDAs scan it in and you don't actually have to touch it at any point. With a 64 PEC auction fee I find my PED card depleted to 0.15 PED and hope that the first set of valuable stones sells well.

0.15 PED on my PED card
73 Common Dung
82 Kaldon Stones
124 Sopur Stones
83 Brukite Stones in auction
284 Bombardo
68 Caroot
61 Haimoros
153 Papplon
15 barrels of Crude Oil
12 Lysterium stones
6 Narcanisum stones
Quad-Wing Interceptor with no fuel
Sleipnir MK1 with 0.56 PED worth of Oil
Gungnir MK1 with no fuel
Blueprint Books (all types) with various blueprints
Earth Excavator ME/01 (1.94/2.40)
Ziplex Z1 Seeker (1.30/2.40)

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