Monday, January 23, 2012

NEWS: More Content Coming

Yeah, I don't post often enough. I'm hoping to fix that soon. I have added a new item to my sidebar which will hold my current goals. I will modify those as my desires change and increase and will have a new label when I achieve one of my goals, that way people can see which goals I have accomplished that I once had on this list. I would have added the goal of a mining tower, but I already hit that one just a little over a month ago. I am also going to try to modify my playing style to better suit the way I will be able to afford to play. Basically, I need to play again as a non-depositor (because I plan not to deposit much, maybe just a couple times a year to get more gifts) and live off of my earnings or the income from the land deeds I purchased (currently 5). If I can do this then perhaps in the future I will be able to afford a computer worthy of playing this game, but until then don't expect any spectacular screen-shots. I also plan to start adding some pictures to the blog to make it more interesting. I might even go back and add some pictures to old posts, but we'll see if I get the desire to do that or not.

In other news, I have not given up my story, I have just redirected most of my creative juices towards an actual novel. I think I am a little over half way done with that, but it's hard to say exactly when I don't have a formal outline and don't have a clue what will be in the middle of the current location and the end of the story, when that is done I have only a little bit of an idea of what to do with it. My greatest desire would be to find a publisher for it though I hear that is really hard to do (1/10,000 actually get published is what I read). If I can't publish it through a publisher I will likely put the story in the blog and, if I ever have the money to do it, get it published on my own (costs money to publish on your own, through a publisher you get paid, at least from what my research has told me thus far). So, in the future, I may have a book about Sorven and his exploits. If the first one goes well there could be more later, but all of that is up in the air at the moment as I haven't been writing enough lately. And in case you are wondering, I am not suffering from writer's block, I'm suffering from my own lack of motivation. Speaking of, if you would all like to help motivate me, I feel more inclined to work when I know people actually care about what I'm writing (yeah, yeah, write for your own enjoyment and all that, I get enough enjoyment normally just thinking about my story), so let me know in some comments or share this blog with others so I can see people are actually reading what I've written (yes, I look at the number of views of this site fairly often).

My last plan is to start posting about my income and dealings in game, this way people can see how well I do or how stupidly I play (I hope to have less stupidity and hold on to my goals in order to reach them). Some of my goals I will probably never reach, but that is okay, I want to put them there anyway so that people can see what I wish for. If people wish to help me reach my goals I'm sure we can work something out, though I do not like handouts so if you want to help then lets find a way you can hire me to do some work for you instead.

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