Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Mostly Peaceful Day

The cool morning air felt good as it filled my lungs, I only took a moment to enjoy the rising of the sun before heading back inside again to check on my auction. After a few moments I could see that someone had made a bid on my stones, so I would have some PED again by the end of the day, this would at least let me start the next auction and hope that the next set of stones would sell as well. I knew it would be in my best interest to keep things simple today, no need to try and rush things, just wait for the PED to come and keep looking for what you can find. My morning walk started well, I found some bombardo and papplon early. As I continued my walk I ate a few pieces of the fruit until my meanderings eventually brought me to a small pile of trutun, totaling 56 when I had them all scanned in. It was amazing how much of this stuff could be found by walking around, miners were in too much of a hurry most of the time to realize that their probe had brought to the surface something that had some value, even if the probes didn't end up finding anything else for them. The rest of the walk was uneventful, only one more find of stones, 113 nissit, and a few more fruit, bringing my totals to 25 bombardo and 99 papplon for the morning.

The auction ended later in the day, giving me 3 PED extra to work with. Being the miner that I am I purchased another rookie setup, spending 2.01 PED, leaving me with 0.99 PED on my card. The mining trip was uneventful, I was only able to bring in 6 more barrels of crude oil, 1 bottle of alicenies liquid and 3 bottles of melchi water. Walking around in the area I had mined in gave me nothing extra for my troubles. Not a very profitable evening. With auction fee I am left with but a few PEC, but I have hope that the auction will go well and I'll have more PED to do my work tomorrow.

0.55 PED on my PED card
73 Common Dung
82 Kaldon Stones
124 Sopur Stones in auction
113 Nissit Stones
56 Trutun Stones
309 Bombardo
68 Caroot
61 Haimoros
252 Papplon
21 barrels of Crude Oil
12 Lysterium stones
6 Narcanisum stones
1 Alicenies Liquid
3 Melchi Water
Quad-Wing Interceptor with no fuel
Sleipnir MK1 with 0.56 PED worth of Oil
Gungnir MK1 with no fuel
Blueprint Books (all types) with various blueprints
Earth Excavator ME/01 (1.93/2.40)
Ziplex Z1 Seeker (1.30/2.40)

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