Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Simple Pleasures

The first walk of the day was turning up only fruits, they all appear to be in season because I found a little bit of each. To offset the boredom I sold a couple empty books I had in order to raise the PED necessary to buy 200 basic stone extractors from a guy in our society, he was happy to sell them and I was happy to have something different to do. I took my extractors and my pile of nissit and gave it a go, nothing spectacular, but it was fun none the less. Nothing else to report for the day, though it has been nice being back on Calypso without worrying about being hunted down. The modifications to my devices and the changes that my hacker friend made seem to be doing the trick.

0.31 PED on my PED card
73 Common Dung
82 Kaldon Stones
124 Sopur Stones in auction
17 Nissit Stones
56 Trutun Stones
349 Bombardo
131 Caroot
85 Haimoros
307 Papplon
54 Nissit Stone Textures
27 Metal Residue
1 Basic Stone Extractor
21 barrels of Crude Oil
12 Lysterium stones
6 Narcanisum stones
1 Alicenies Liquid
3 Melchi Water
Quad-Wing Interceptor with no fuel
Sleipnir MK1 with 0.56 PED worth of Oil
Gungnir MK1 with no fuel
Blueprint Books (all types) with various blueprints
Earth Excavator ME/01 (1.93/2.40)
Ziplex Z1 Seeker (1.30/2.40)

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