Monday, January 23, 2012

Back to Basics

Having all that excess PED was definitely a change of pace, in the short run that much PED can be a bad thing, especially when life has been lived striving just to survive. In the long run though, with the investment that was made with the majority of it, it will be a good thing, but for now I need to get back to basics. I spent too much looking for more loot and now I'm back to survival mode, but at least I'll have some steadier income to help get through the dry spells. To help get myself back on track I've decided to take an inventory of what I have and work on keeping track of it all. Ultimately, I have fewer tools than when I began, but that is alright, I'll get things back in order soon enough.

Unable to get to the stuff I left on Arkadia, I will work first with what I have on Calypso. Checking my carried inventory and my larger planet side storage reveals the following:

2.80 PED on my PED card
29 Common Dung
82 Kaldon Stones
105 Bombardo
49 Caroot
61 Haimoros
34 Papplon
Quad-Wing Interceptor with no fuel
Sleipnir MK1 with 0.56 PED worth of Oil
Gungnir MK1 with no fuel
Blueprint Books (all types) with various blueprints, there's no way I'm cataloging all of those
Earth Excavator ME/01 (1.95/2.40)
Ziplex Z1 Seeker (1.30/2.40)

Of course I also have the clothes on my back, but I would hate to sell those and go about naked. Perhaps if things go well I can get something a little nicer than your standard orange jumpsuit, but for now they'll do. I also have the investment I made, but I don't plan to sell those so for now they will remain outside my counted assets. My current plan is to use what little PED I have and try some mining with the rookie gear they developed to teach people new to the planet. Finds usually aren't very good with them, but sometimes you get lucky, so we'll hope that things work out for me.

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