Friday, January 27, 2012

Overall Steady Losses

Yesterday was uneventful for the most part. My stones sold for 2 PED, so I took that money and bought another rookie setup and went out walking again, dropping along the way. Surprisingly it actually turned up to be more profitable dropping probes than finding anything. The only thing I found walking was so common dung, likely from the frescoquda I was walking among. The mining however turned up 5 force nexus, 4 alicenies liquid, 17 blausarium stones, 7 sweetstuff, 6 cobalt stones, which I would sell to a shady guy on the street sadly for only 1.26 PED, I hate price gougers, but what can you do when I don't have enough PED for auction? I then felt pretty anxious and decided to pull my blueprints out and put them all in storage so that I could safely sell the books and do a real mining run. I had 15 books left so this gave me 15 PED to add to the card. This run didn't turn up anything good, just 13 zinc stones, 7 garcen grease, 619 crude oil and 3 growth molecules. I sold the growth molecules to the trade terminal, people wouldn't buy those for good enough markup and I wanted to buy a refiner to process the crude oil and fill up my Sleipnir. All in all, a not-so-profitable day, but that happens, at least I feel like I can do some flying again without getting myself stranded in the middle of a not-so-friendly place.

0.97 PED
171 Common Dung
82 Kaldon Stones
17 Nissit Stones
56 Trutun Stones
349 Bombardo
131 Caroot
85 Haimoros
307 Papplon
54 Nissit Stone Textures
27 Metal Residue
1 Basic Stone Extractor
12 Lysterium Stones
6 Narcanisum Stones
5 Alicenies Liquid
3 Melchi Water
5 Force Nexus
17 Blausarium Stones
7 Sweetstuff
13 Zinc Stones
7 Garcen Grease
Quad-Wing Interceptor
Sleipnir MK1 (6.96 PED Oil)
Gungnir MK1
Various blueprints
Earth Excavator ME/01 (1.84/2.40)
Ziplex Z1 Seeker (1.15/2.40)
Refiner MR100 (1.90/2.00)

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