Friday, June 1, 2012


I understand now their concern about the right kind of energy, the device needs a very particular instance of energy when it is created, though I do believe I have encountered an adequate type of energy before, but I have forbade myself from ever trying to use it again. I'm sure I can find a way to get the type of energy required, it will just take some tests to figure out when and how they utilized it. I also see that the device didn't survive the first use, which might explain why I never encountered it. The ship is amazing though, and it is easy to get distracted by it. With the interface I have with it I can feel and see what the ship does, which is almost like having a body again, though with some limits. I am quite sure those limits could be overcome, but I still desire my own flesh back as that is the only way I'll get back that life I lost. My hope is that somehow that life is the first, which would answer so many questions, but I am doubtful as this prison is older than he was. The others are walking in the ship now, starting to run diagnostics and making sure everything is ready once more. It is strange to feel them walking inside of it, inside of me, or at least it could be me, so easily it could be me, but I must not go that route, I would miss my chance. The energy that flows through this ship is very close to the type that is needed, but the ship would die if I tried to use it, I'm sure of that. From what I have learned of their past success the ship nearly did die but it survived, barely, though I am sure my requirements for the new body would deplete it far beyond that first run. There are very specific needs I have to make sure that the new body can meet, in particular the ability to hold more knowledge. My patience has brought me far, but it is finally starting to run out, I am so close that I fear I will make a poor decision and lose my chance of getting out of here. Maybe I should take a break from this before I do something I will regret.

No turning back now, I flipped the switch. My break probably wasn't long enough, but I'm sure this will work, at least it better work or else, well, I guess the or else doesn't really matter, but the escape from this prison is certain at least. I can feel it drawing me in, all of me, every life I've lived is going in to this machine and soon this cube will be nothing more than a piece of technology to examine. I should be dreading this, if the process fails I'll be gone, but I have a sense of peace about this. Perhaps I should have informed the others of my plans before doing this, but I'm sure they would have stopped me. It is strange, I feel both myself in the forming body and in the cube, though the body is getting more of me as each moment passes. The readings tell me that the energy is quickly running out, I hope this thing can finish before the energy is gone. One last little...

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