Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Mini-GOAL: Level 25 Prospector/Surveyor

One of those last little goals I threw up on my list towards the end of last month, I wasn't sure if returns would be good enough or not so I wanted to have the goal up there and that was to reach level 25 in prospector and surveyor so I could use a TK320 (with SIB, yes, I know maxed finders are best, but I have a goal to reach!). Unfortunately, to reach that goal I was trying my best not to deposit and I got all the way to about 2.5% left when the PED finally was depleted past the point of squeezing out a run. I had already sold the TK320 I had bought earlier so I could keep going (can't use it, why keep it, right?), and had burned through that PED, so sadly to reach my goal I had to put in my $10 deposit for the month. Shortly after I had hit level 25 in surveyor and had reached my goal and then shortly after that had once again run out of PED. So I did my best to squeeze some more because I didn't want to give up for the month yet and so when I had sold something I could afford to be without I went on another few runs. Luckily I finally got something back, 444 PED HoF, woohoo! I used that to get the tools I had sold back and to get started on my next runs. So far they've been okay, but I could sure use some more of those globals to get me back to where I think I should be. Anyway, I am already over 25% to level 26 prospector, so maybe, if returns can stay non-horrendous I can reach my goal of level 30 sometime in the near future (my hope is by the end of summer, but that depends a lot on returns, at least I have SIB now to give me a hand).

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