Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Taking it Easy

Sleeping on a floor in a place I own has been everything I dreamed it would be so far. I know it isn't luxurious, but before this I was sleeping outside when I felt safe enough or sleeping beside a terminal hoping that someone wouldn't start using it and wake me up. To me, the new apartment is luxury! That being said, I do wish I could furnish it, but until I can start making some PED again doing my mining it'll be tough. I've invested quite a bit in trying to understand the higher end tools but in the end have had to sell them off to afford to live a little better, so back to the basics for me. One thing I've noticed so far with these tools is that they aren't so difficult to use but what makes them complicated is their sensitivity, trying to lock on to a signal of a worthwhile resource is much harder when you see so many more signals. Those deep depths are so full of random stuff that you lock on to the smaller stuff too often thinking it could be the big one. It'll take some time, but I'm sure with going back to the basics and working my way through the tools again I'll have a better understanding in the long run. As it is, I sure am starting to look at how this all works a lot more closely, it is so much more complicated as you understand it better, but I'm confident that I will reach the point of understanding eventually, maybe even be able to distinguish the signals better and lock in on the ones I actually want a little more. I've also started to gather some of the small resources again in hopes of staying ahead. Stones look more and more like gold to me as I try my best to locate a good find. I'm sure I'll get it again, it just feels like I'm a little off lately and that has negatively impacted my returns.

One thing that has been interesting is using that fishing pole I bought, it was an impulse buy but using it has been a hoot. There isn't a darn thing worth catching, not that I even get any bites, but the act of just sitting there along the shore and casting out my line once in awhile and letting my mind wander has been the best meditation lately, I can see why it was so popular on Earth at one point. I know my time would be more profitable if I went looking for stones, but taking some time to enjoy life here is important too, keeps me from going too crazy. Plus, the time I get to sit and contemplate could be fruitful in the end, perhaps I'll come up with another way of making a living here, though I don't make that the focus of my outings, instead I just take in the fresh air, warm sunshine, feel the sand between my toes and listen to the waves lap against the shores. Of course, I always have to watch the radar as well, you never know when a stray Atrox will come along and decide you might make a good meal. Not that it happens often, but I must say thank goodness for the revival network. I could just imagine how small our population here would be if we didn't have that thing running all the time.

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