Thursday, June 21, 2012

Whole Once More

Darkness, that's all there is here, darkness. Why is it so dark? At least the temperature is... wait, I can feel the temperature!? It must have worked! But where am I? There, that feels like a door, but where's the handle? How do I get out of here? It's small, it must be a holding chamber. But why can't I open the door? Wait, I hear something, it sounds like voices. Yes, I must be in the ship somewhere, it's Ambrilestri and Niracina, that's whose voices I hear. They sound like they're working on something. I hope it's... yes! Light! Wow, that is bright, I suppose it makes sense that it's so bright, these eyes have never experienced it before. They're looking at me strangely, maybe they expect me to say something? But not now, I feel that emptiness in my head, I need to get those memories back, I long to be complete.

Of course they followed me, why wouldn't they? The surprised look on their faces as I move deeper into this facility is amusing at least, they keep asking me how I know all these puzzles and then gave me an even more comical look when I said it is because I made this place. They want to know how, but that answer can wait, I'm sure I'll have a better understanding of it when I am whole. It is obvious no one else ever got through any of these puzzles, everything is as I had left it. Just a few more doors and I can finally sit in that chair I made oh so many lifetimes ago. Ah, yes, the suit, I'm sure I will bring that back into use shortly, plus I have plenty of ideas on how to improve the design, though I do wonder if it has any power left, but that doesn't matter, just one more door. Ah yes, dread, in all my excitement I forgot about dread, this is going to be painful, but it must be done.

Did I black out? No, no additional time has passed, but it feels like I've been gone for so... wait! I have been gone! And yet, I've been here. All these memories flowing together. Ambri! Nira! Oh! I am finally home! Here are my friends and this is my body, at least the one for this life. How many lives have I... wow, that is a lot. So many things I've done, so many personalities. So many faces, but none so dear to me as these two. But now here's the puzzle, if I built this facility so long ago using a body from my future, how did I get to the past in the first place? I didn't build a time machine and there is no technology here that has been modified. Something else intervened and it wasn't my doing. Someone is keeping track of me and interfering in my doings, but who is it and where are they? I suppose that question will be answered in time, but for now I have so much to talk about, but not here, I've spent too many long years in dark places, I long for light and to be in something natural.

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