Thursday, May 24, 2012

Unexpected Cooperation

That wasn't quite what I was expecting, and also quite a shock for me as well. Allowing them to put a display on me so they could communicate with an image wasn't a big deal, but them knowing my name when they saw me? And then agreeing to my request without question? I am a bit perplexed, though I can speculate now who that third being was that was with them, though now I want to know where he is as his knowledge would be quite invaluable to me. They said it would take some time for the ship to grow back to its former shape, and so now I must wait, though that isn't a big deal, I've been waiting for a very long time as it is. Hopefully they will keep their promise and not just try to escape once the ship is back, but we shall see. At least I can keep the new interceptor ship in orbit ready to capture them if they do.

I'm sure if I had facial features they would have been laughing at me, I was in awe as I monitored this thing coming back to its full shape. I had been unsuccessful when I infected it of getting any information back, I still am not sure why that didn't work, but as each section came back I soon realized how inadequate my attack had ultimately been. I had missed any vital section that could have communicated back with me, though after seeing this thing grow I didn't want to try again as I could seriously damage an irreplaceable system. The life signs coming from the ship were different than anything I had ever encountered, though I did find some similarities between the ship and Niracina, which made me wonder how close their connection was. It became obvious that she was the one that had a body built from the technology that this ship contained and so she must have been the one who made this ship, but why I had never encountered something like this technology before still baffled me. I still held my doubts about a race living so far away coming to this system and befriending a race that had no real technology. Perhaps I would figure this out once I had the rest of my memories restored, but until then I had to wait and watch.

Nervous, I haven't been this nervous in a long time, though I've never had to worry so much about my existence in this prison. Nothing so far has been able to penetrate it and the only times anything has made it out has been when I had the proper opportunity, which wasn't often and I still didn't understand completely. The ship has finished growing back and it has started developing an interface for me to connect to. They've been talking about how to get the specific power requirements to get it working, which I haven't figured out yet and any question I have is met with a strange look and an unclear answer. I think they're realizing I'm not quite the same being as the one they had been with before, hopefully that isn't a hindrance to my escape from this prison, though it would take me only a moment now to get connected and I doubt they would be able to stop me in time. The strangest part about all of this is how familiar they seem to me despite my lack of knowledge, as if they were in my past, which isn't possible as I've never received an incarnation back that existed during this time, but still, I feel, drawn to them, like I am meant to be with them. Perhaps they have some tricks they are using against me now, I will need to keep my guard up if I am going to accomplish this task. Ah, the interface is ready, it is time to connect and see if we can make this technology work.

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