Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Warm Place to Sleep

I really need to slow down more often and write, it helps me collect my thoughts and also keeps me steady in this wild world. It is so thrilling sometimes when I'm out and about that I forget that if I take my time on things I'll likely do better. That being said, I made some changes recently that have allowed me quite a bit of fun for a change, but after all my fun it's time to get back to doing the work I need to do to survive. This time though, my slowdown will be with some comfort.

I decided after watching my investment for awhile and reading the news on it that my chances of increasing it are slim, so I opted to sell it for a bit of profit and then used that profit to go on some more risky mining runs. At first the runs were great, but as always seems to happen I begin to miss finds and eventually my risk turns out to be more than my poor worn out PED card can handle, luckily I'm not completely broke this time and I even decided to finally get something that I have been wanting for quite awhile. I finally bought myself an apartment here on Calypso. I know I could have purchased one on Arkadia as well, but it always seems like Calypso draws me back and so here I am, hoping to make a living for awhile and live comfortably in my new, empty place.

My hope is that the apartment won't be empty for long, one of my friends was at least kind enough to loan me some sources of light. I ended up buying a big 'G' size apartment in Sakura City. The apartment is in the Kansha building on the 13th floor, which some people will say is a lucky number and others will say it is unlucky, for me, it is a place to call home. The balcony overlooks the teleporter, so I will be able to see people coming and going from there while the big window in the 2nd room looks south towards the mountain island. I think I'll end up making that room a bedroom when I can get some furniture. It would be great to wake up and see that every morning. After that purchase I made one last risky mining run, which as expected didn't go as well as I'd hoped, so it will be back to basics again when I go out next, but at least I can say I had some fun for a while. I'm trying my best to finish honing my mining skills, hopefully soon I'll be able to use the more sensitive controls of the Ziplex TK320 Seeker, but I need to keep practicing on the TK220 until I feel ready for the next one. I was smart enough to invest in the new seeker before my PED card got too low, so when I am ready I have a nice, shiny, unused one to work with. My best guess is it will take another month or so before I am ready to break it in properly.

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