Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Destination Discovered

There was no way they could outrun us forever, we had superior technology, though it took some effort to implement it. It would be much easier to advance when we didn't have to work through signals and stolen technology, though this particular piece had been very useful as it could change to suit our needs, which lead us to create a mechanical crew with little effort. This crew was our hands now, they could make what we wanted, but it was still slow as we had to command them instead of doing it ourselves, but the prize was worth the headache, an escape from this blasted prison. I still wish I knew how we got here, but that wasn't in our memory. Of course, how some of us came to be wasn't in our memory either, and the ones we lost are a mystery as well. How can you lose yourself in one situation and find another version of yourself where you don't expect yourself to be? That little ship though, that thing is a huge pain, how do they make such quick advancements? If I didn't know better, I'd say they were one of the other races we've encountered or perhaps there is another like me? But that couldn't be. Though there is that lingering suspicion of this area of space, where I encountered my first non-created me shortly after escaping that other prison mechanism that we had been put in to. It was also tempting to give up this pursuit and go looking for that incarnation of me that escaped, those damned Klatvix forcing a signal out of me, there were quite a few abilities in that signal and I'm still not sure how they figured that one out and where they sent that incarnation and how they gave it a body. I suppose I could pursue them as well, but I'm sure their technology wouldn't be worth the trouble, not nearly as much as this lovely little piece I heard of would be. Imagine, finally making that body I've been needing and recovering that life that was before. Perhaps it would give me insight in to my current circumstances, and tell me where that first unrecorded version came from. I suppose this would be easier to do if I were still in the other prison, the holes in that thing gave me lots of capability, though only in certain times and locations. If I could get a body and return there I could figure it out, then I could do as I wished wherever I wanted. But enough of that, first, the task at hand. That ship seems to be immune to all my weapons now, no matter how I modify them. I'll have to focus on speed and just capture them directly, though I wish I knew how they were doing their jumps, they seem to not have the need to drop out from time to time. Stupid Klatvix technology, as much as they steal and they can't get drives like this ship has? Alright, that last modification might do it, lets give it a try.

Oh, if I had hands I would strangle the beings that were in that ship! How in the world did they create a nearly perfect replica and escape? And it was made out of pure energy! I'll find them, I'm sure. Now, I bet they were originally heading somewhere, when did they change course and do I have some knowledge of the path they were taking? So much data to dig through, this will be so much easier when I can interact with it differently. Aha! There it is! Quite a few systems in that direction, but anything that I know of that would really draw them... wait a minute... I should have known! Let me double check that... yes! They even turned it on! Ha! They'll be in my hands in a matter of hours now! They should have known not to turn on technology they didn't create, and to get to the point of... oh wait, that might not work in my favor. I need to get there before they find it!

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