Monday, May 21, 2012

Different Tactics

I must admit, it is convenient that it is this planet that I shall finally capture them on. I would have had to come here anyway once I had their technology, so they just saved me a trip. Their ship was easy enough to find and disable, so they won't be able to flee in it. It's just too bad that isn't the ship I want, otherwise they could hide all they wanted and I'd already have what I sought. The drones should be in all the required locations soon to prevent them from leaving, but I do have to wonder what happened to the city that had been here? Did the Klatvix destroy it or did something else happen? That race was advancing so fast, it was a shame that I had been followed by such a malicious race to their home world. Perhaps they figured out how to escape them? It doesn't matter though, the past is gone and I couldn't have done anything for them anyway, seeing as how I was stuck in this prison. It's also too bad that version of me didn't take the time to find a way out before coming back to the source, but that seems to be a common problem with them, they desire more to return than to figure out the full secret of it. There, the last ones are in place, time for me to make my way to them. Judging by the systems that are on, they're in my old chamber, there isn't anywhere for them to go from there.

Two? Just two? Why are there only two? There were three when we made our approach, but now there are only two? This isn't planned, that much is for sure, the two that are here seem to be very troubled about the whereabouts of their companion. At least this can be used to my advantage, they're distracted. We'll have the machines go in first, in case they decide they want to put up a fight.

I must admit, I'm impressed. I've sent in hundreds of drones with improvements to each set and they still find a way to completely destroy them. I guess I'll have to hope this technology that holds me is strong enough to withstand them, the materials I have for the drones isn't of a high enough quality to make them much better and I think I'm running out of time before they come after me instead or figure out a way to get out. Perhaps I can try to persuade them to give up their technology in exchange for their lives, though it isn't as satisfying considering the frustration I've had to go through to get to this point. But my past has taught me things, such as patience, there is time to do the other things I desire, I just need to wait.

A female Hasplena? Strange to find one away from its home, they don't use technology at all and never seemed to be interested in learning more beyond their world. How did she get here? None of the advanced races would have stopped there, except for perhaps one, but there wouldn't have been any survivors. This one, though, this one knows more than the others. She fights with her powers, which none of them seemed to be capable of when I first observed them, though I suppose much can change in that time. And what of this other creature, this Niracina? I don't recognize her species at all. I guess that might explain why this Ambrilestri is not with her people, a new race must have come and taken her away or invited her to explore. It also must be why their technology is so different from what I've encountered before, but the distance traveled would be so great that it would have taken generations to get this far in to known space, why is there only one? Though I suppose with the technology they possess it would be possible to continuously renew a body to live forever. At any rate, they at least seem to be cooperating now, I suppose I should have reasoned first instead of using force, but I had no idea what I was up against and my experiences have taught me not to trust too many other races. They seem hesitant to relinquish the ship to me though, which I suppose is understandable considering how I went after them to begin with, I guess that just tells me to prepare for war but try to reason first.

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