Friday, October 28, 2011

The Wealth of the Earth

Competition has been fierce. Everyone wants a piece of the pie and it doesn't get much sweeter when resources are in such high demand. I don't normally see many people, but the evidence of their passing is there. So many miniature holes in the ground slowly closing themselves back up. It's amazing that there is any plant life left with all the probes we've sent forth, but the planet recovers. Luckily the technology does its best to help, which is why the holes close up pretty well after we've done our surveying. In a rare instance, as I was out, I saw a green dot appear on my radar, it quickly adjusted course and came towards me, another curious individual who just can't go about their own business. As they ran past me they didn't say a word, just kept running and dropped a set of probes right in my path. A bit rude I thought, but at least they were going a different direction than I was, though it did fill me with dread, typically if someone was in the same area as me they would find what I was looking for, I decided to keep on though, maybe today would be my day to find it.

It didn't take long after that dot had passed from my radars range that I hit something, it wasn't much, but at least I was still getting something. Shortly after however I hit something a bit nicer, seeing that IX on the screen made me smile. I would be able to live off that, at least long enough to look for another. After I had the resource up I continued on, finding another smaller claim and then, to my surprise, another IX appeared on the display. I hardly ever found two such lovely finds in a run, especially when I couldn't afford an amp to improve my chances and especially so close together. I happily pulled up that resource and proceeded on my course. I didn't expect much to happen after this, I had made profit already and was pretty happy. Another small find showed on my screen and shortly after that an XII, I couldn't believe it. I couldn't remember a run so good as to get three finds of such a size in such a short time. At this point I was actually laughing at my luck and how I had thought that I would get nothing after seeing the other miner out and about where I had been. I continued on, and though I didn't find any more finds with that lovely X to mark the spot, I did get one more find qualifying as VII on the finder. It wasn't as spectacular but I was happy about it. After that run I decided it was in my best interest to take a break for the evening and get some much deserved rest. My dreams, I knew, would be filled with glorious images of my future discoveries of the wealth of the earth.

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