Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Understanding the Tools

The nap refreshed me greatly, though when I awoke I found myself very hungry. Luckily it seemed someone had thought of this as well and had left a small plate of fruits in my room while I had been sleeping. I grabbed some of the fruit and began eating as I started moving a few pieces of furniture around the room, I needed to make the room function as my research area for now as it would be too difficult to work with everyone looking over my shoulder. I was sure I would find a place more suited to the study I would need to do later when the creatures had grown accustomed to my presence, but for now there was no time to wait for that. I felt an urgency to start understanding this before any more of my memory might be given a chance to fade. During my nap I had dreams of technology that I assumed was familiar, at least was when I had the former knowledge. It gave me hopes that I hadn't removed the knowledge, but rather had suppressed it until such a time as I could handle it once more. My first task in all of this wasn't to understand how it worked specifically, but rather to figure out how to use it again as that knowledge had started to slip away as well.

The furniture hadn't been difficult to arrange, only a few items needed to be moved to one wall and the table moved into their place, the space was adequate and I began fiddling with the controls on the devices. It was clear that one was to go on my head and so I didn't mess with that one for fear of removing more of what I knew so far, the other one was simple in appearance and as the dials were moved around a light emanated from the top of it, though it contained nothing, I thought it strange until I tried a few other things that caused the table suddenly to disappear, letting all my other belongings fall to the ground, luckily they didn't break. I was quite started with the loss of my work space and it took a moment before I looked at the device in my hands again. There, in the projection of light, was the outline of the table. I also noticed that the device was quite a bit heavier now. I turned some of the dials and watched with intense interest as the table changed shapes and information was listed at the side indicating how much resource would remain if I went with this design. I was confused for a bit and hesitated to confirm anything, instead looking for the option to abort. Once I found it I just hoped I'd get my table back. Selecting the option I was relieved when the table returned to its spot, I quickly picked up my belongings and set them down again. I was determined to play some more with this device, but I needed something less important to play with. My choice was one of the smaller tables that I had placed against the wall. It took a moment to work out how I had picked up the table before, but once I did I wasted little time playing with the various options until I had turned the displayed design from a small table to a small crate, once confirmed the object placed itself on the floor in front of me, and in my pacing during the process I nearly tripped over it when it appeared. Along side it were a few small pieces of left over wood and some sort of sticky residue. I decided I needed to store this residue and so took the vessel that the food had been sitting on and quickly turned it into a bowl instead. With these materials gathered and placed in my new crate I decided it was time to get some more materials to work with.

I hadn't realized how much time had passed, and to my discouragement when I came from my room it was very dark outside and only a handful of the beings were even awake. They seemed startled that I had come out of my room so late and asked with hesitation if I needed anything. At this I replied that I hadn't realized the hour and excused myself back to my room, though not without picking up some fruit that was still sitting on the table from the meal I imagined I had missed. My guess was that they saw how tired I was and didn't wish to bother me for the rest of the day. I appreciated that they did this for me and planned to spend more time outside my room tomorrow, for now I had a few more hours in me to continue studying the tools I had and then, hopefully, tomorrow I would be able to gather more things to modify.

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