Thursday, October 20, 2011

Modifying the Handheld

Using some of the resources I had gathered for further modifying my handheld wasn't the easiest decision to make. In order to create a more durable and useful device required a few of the more precious materials I had found, but I figured it would be worth it in the end and it would also give me some new capabilities in working with my equipment. One of the parts I had added was a wireless link so that I could connect to any of my tools without having to actually plug it in, which would help me with another change in that I didn't want to carry the device in my hands anymore and redesigned the shell of it to go on my wrist, allowing me more freedom to do other things in between mining drops. Modifying the tools wasn't too hard either, I had already changed them so much already that I knew exactly where I wanted to place the new component. A few other changes I made to it would soon allow me to communicate once again with those people who I knew still on Calypso, but I had to make sure the signal wasn't traceable, otherwise I could have other problems added to my task of surviving on a new planet.

Once I had the device completely modified and all my security pieces in place I connected the device back to the communications network. It took a few additional tweaks to the programming, but eventually I was able to get connected using whatever alias I desired to use, which meant that even if they started to catch on with one alias I would be able to change it quickly and continue along in my own business. I knew that if anyone caught on to what I did I would be in trouble, but it would be worth it so that I could continue figuring out what it all had meant when every one and every thing showed up all those months ago. I wasted little time in getting back in contact with some of my closer friends and what I learned from them was very valuable to me. Apparently they had been questioned about my whereabouts, to which they denied knowing anything and even when they could contact me they never knew where I was. I also learned that they indeed had thought I was dead, which gave me an advantage in knowing that they shouldn't be actively looking for me. I then informed them that they still wouldn't be able to locate me and I needed to keep it that way, both for their sake and my own. But I also asked them to keep their ears open in case they started hearing anything more about the situation. When all was set I sent them the code modification they would need to put into their device in order to find my current alias. They asked if this wouldn't pose a problem if their device were compromised to which I replied that I had already made plans to make the change necessary to destroy the ability from my end and that I was fairly sure I would be safe. With the task completed and friends informed I continued exploring the ruins and looking for resources. There was a large demand and I didn't want to miss out on my chance to make a bit of profit.

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