Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Disorder Before Dinner

It didn't take long to finish refining the materials, somewhere in the options I had was one that told the device to pull in all the materials that were the same as the one I targeted. With all of them properly refined I pulled them all in to the device and once again brought up my plans for the pavilion. The device quickly adjusted the design for me using the higher quality materials and with one last press of a button and a few moments for the device to do its thing I had a sturdy pavilion before me that I could use as a shelter for additional materials and a place to work. By this time it was starting to get late, so I gathered what was left of the resources I had and started storing them safely under the roof of this new structure. As I was busy with this the being that had passed by before came through again and this time stopped and stared with wonder at the thing that now existed in the middle of the woods. When he could gather himself once more he asked where in the world this had come from and how I had built it so quickly. I explained to him as best I could how the tool I was holding had the ability to take resources, refine them, design things with them and then produce the end result quickly. Once he heard this he rushed off, not asking any more questions and it took a moment to realize he was about to tell the elders what I had just said which would mean a whole new line of questioning was in store for this evening. I finished organizing everything as quickly as I could and followed in the same path he had taken towards the village.

As I approached I could already hear the raised voices of those discussing what had been said about my doings for the day and tried my best to slip quickly and quietly into the building I was staying in, however I wasn't able to do this unobserved and though I made it in I was followed by a swarm of beings as well. Before I could even take my place at the table there were questions being thrown at me from all directions and I just sat there and smirked as there was no way I could make out any individual's question from another and waited until they could compose themselves and ask in a more orderly fashion all that they wanted to know. Lucky for me the food had already been laid out and I was able to eat quite a bit before they realized I was waiting for them to restore order to their group. Once they were successful in this endeavor they dismissed the rest of the villagers and the elders sat down at the table to join me in the meal and began asking me all the questions they had about what this device could do and how I had figured it out so quickly.

The conversation went well into the evening and included some demonstrations of what I had learned. I could see in the looks on their faces that they greatly desired to learn how this worked and to reproduce it for themselves, which I was sure we would eventually get to, but for now with just the one device to work from I still had much work to do to learn how it all functioned. As they slowly trickled out a few of them took the things I had made with them, I was sure some of them would use them at home and with some of the questions I got I was sure to see other pieces being sold or bartered in the market the following day. By the time I was able to get to my room it was very late and, having not slept much the previous night, I was exhausted. I did however have the clarity of mind long enough to make a small change to the door of my room and modified it to have a lock and key that would help keep the tools I had safe. I was sure someone would notice before I woke up and have much to say about this security measure, but I figured they would understand my position given that I didn't know everything about their culture yet and simply wanted to ensure that my only connections to my past were kept safe.

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