Thursday, March 3, 2011

Under the Ruins

Unfortunately the sleep had not been very restful. Apparently we all had strange dreams about the place we were in and as such didn't sleep as soundly as we had desired, though it was odd that we all had had the same type of dream. After discussing it for a bit we figured out where the dream had taken place and went there. Some quick searching in the area revealed what we had all witnessed in the dream, the entrance to the lower levels of the ruins. We packed up what we believed we would need, some of which had been shown to us in the dream, and went below, hoping that what we had envisioned wasn't just a chance thing but would actually lead us to what we were seeking. In the dream everything had been so clear, for some strange reason we had known where we were going and it was the same for us now as we began our descent into what should have been the unknown. The light we used came from a crystal torch we created, we had saved a few sizable chunks of crystal in case we needed to develop some very specific technology and this, though not advanced, was specific enough. We used a basic energy to charge the crystal, it provided a white light for us to see by without any side effects, such as the heat or cold we had gone through before. It was all very strange as we continued our journey, we knew where we were going though we should have had no ideas about this place at all. Becaues of this I kept my guard up and Ambri sensed my apprehensions about the visions and remained alert to the things around her as well.

The various chambers were fascinating and we passed through them as we each had in the dream, our focus was to find the end that we never saw when we were sleeping, there would hopefully be time later to check out the rest of the things that were down here, but for now our curiosity drove us forward. As we turned the last corner we remembered in the dream we came to a very large door. Pressing upon it revealed that it was closed tightly and far too heavy for any of us to move it, so we began looking around, trying to figure out how it worked and what would trigger it to open. Unfortunately none of us had reached this point in the dream, so there were no hints to go by except for the items we had brought with us, however none of them seemed relevant to the problem. Taking a closer look at the door revealed very fine lines and patterns etched into it, along some of the lines were symbols in the language of the people of this world and so I got to work interpreting it all while Nira and Ambri continued their search for other clues.

Their search ended up taking them pretty far away when I started to understand how to work the door. They didn't hear me either when I yelled and so I decided to go ahead and get it opened, I knew they would come back eventually. Using one of the energy torches we had created I traced the proper lines to form the symbol that would activate the control mechanism in the door. Having done so the symbol I traced illuminated and the door opened slowly and quietly. Once it had opened fully I proceeded forward into the chamber, which responded quickly to the light I had and illuminated with the same type of energy, though there were clearly no crystals present. As I looked around the enormous chamber I didn't hear the door slowly close behind me until I felt the last bit of air flow stop. I turned around quickly and saw it was closed, there were also no lines or symbols on this side for me to trace and so I knew I would have to find a new way out, though I would worry about that once I explored all the wonderous things I saw around me.

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