Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Clearing the Ruins

It seemed our ploy was quite successful, the ship had not shown up yet, which meant we either kept ourselves pretty concealed or the fake ship was still going strong. It was hard to tell how long the ship would last, we didn't have time to watch the energy decay before we deployed it. We had found plenty of time to go through the ruins, however nothing turned up that helped us determine how to fight our enemy. We learned much of a rich culture that the people of this planet had lived, but nothing of any sort of technology that they possessed that would have eventually led to the creation of the device we had studied. It was good that we still seemed to have more time, our next bit of exploration would take us into some of the deeper parts of the ruins we had been wandering in. The entrance wasn't obvious, but we knew it was there. We had dared to activate some scanners to tell us if there was more to this place than what we saw, and the scans showed us some caverns going deep beneath us.

Clearing up the plant life to see if we could find the entrance was very time consuming, some of the plants had sharp thorns and so it took us awhile to carefully cut through them. We even employed some burning techniques to clear it up when we had made sure it wouldn't spread further than we intended. All in all the ruins started to look pretty clean as we continued our search. As the day started to turn into night we went back to the ship to get some rest, it had been an exhausting day and we still had a lot of work to do to figure out where the entrance was. Once we had all sat down for a simple meal we began discussing the various things we learned about the civilization that had lived here. Each of us had found a different part of their history and, though it was all fascinating, there wasn't much useful information about what they were capable of or how they designed the ruins that we were exploring. When we finished our meal I double checked that all of our technology was off, save for the one simple device that would detect and alert us to any gravitational fluxes. After I was sure that everything was set we all turned in and got some much needed sleep.

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