Saturday, March 5, 2011


It was strange, the symbols seemed to be directions and I felt that they were specific directions for me. They instructed me which technology to take from the tables and where I needed to go with each particular piece. I informed Nira and Ambri what I was reading and that I wanted to see what would happen when I followed them, they advised me to be careful and then continued their exploration of the other items that weren't needed. I made my way around to different chambers within the ruins, placing the pieces of technology that each room, with its hidden instructions, required. When I put the technology in its hidden slot the power in the room shifted, activating the item that had seemed so dead or unfinished. It was clear that the process was turning on a much larger piece of technology that had to be hidden away. Every time the power shifted in a room new instructions were shown to me and I continued on to the next task, eventually finding my way into a chamber that had been sealed off completely had it not been reactivated by my tasks. Once I entered this particular room my thoughts about this place changed completely.

I had thought this was some very ancient civilization that had destroyed itself, but that clearly wasn't the whole story. There were no hidden symbols in this room, I understood the technology well enough to know what I was dealing with, my question was, how did this technology get to be in a place this old? I had Ambri and Nira join me before doing anything more, it was just too strange to have this thing sitting before me. When they arrived they were as shocked as I had been, they had seen the schematics for this technology before, I had shown it to them when I was designing the next generation of this stuff. It sent a shiver down my spine though, I knew what the instructions were asking me to do but I didn't want to, I had no idea if this would add or subtract from my being, but there was really only one way to know for sure.

We checked everything we could, trying to confirm that it would add, it appeared to be so but there was so much technology that was hidden from view that we couldn't be absolutely sure. Ambri and Nira both volunteered to try it instead of me, but I knew that it was meant for me. Something had designed this and knew I would be here and follow the instructions and find myself in this position. So all I could do was sit and activate the single button on the chair. Once the button was pressed my head was filled with images, symbols, translations, tons of things that were familiar yet alien at the same time. The technology of this world quickly became so clear to me, how it was made, what it was for, what I should be able to do with it, and most importantly to me at that moment, what the energy device had been and how to reseal the thing inside of it, however the information didn't stop there, it kept coming. Years and years of history filled my head, things that had been done in the past, but not memories, more like instructions for what needed to be done, I wasn't sure what it was all about until the last bit of information entered my head, as it came in I knew what was going on, but it was too late, my sitting here in the chair had caused the rest of the facility to activate and now that I had the information my fate was sealed. I quickly tried to react but all I felt was the familiar sensation of being translocated.

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