Friday, March 4, 2011

Hidden Things

All about this chamber were tables covered in various stages of projects. Some involved studies of the creatures that had lived upon this world, others were clearly studies into botany and the properties of the plants. There were some technological projects as well, however they weren't at an advanced level that would show that the civilization here had constructed the containment device. I spent some time marveling at the skeletons that were constructed, the creatures looked so fascinating, I wished I could have seen them when the planet had more than just plant life on it. The technology was simple in its construction, it was evident that all of it had been hand made and worked as finely as the tools could shape the pieces. There appeared to be the makings of time devices and different optical enhancers as well, one of which changed how I saw the room. With the glasses on, that surprisingly fit my face, I could see the lines of energy flowing through this room. The door was distinctly dark, no energy was flowing to it, while the lighting in the room was much more evident where it was coming from. Though it wasn't a crystal technology it appeared to have some very similar properties. Following the flow of some of the lines I could see another location that was very well hidden where one should be able to control the door to this room, however I also saw some hidden symbols in the energy patterns that I felt were much more interesting.

I had just about finished translating the symbols when Ambri frantically reached out to find where I had gone. I realized that she had returned to the door and when I wasn't there thought something had happened to me. I responded quickly and said I'd have the door open in a moment. So without having finished my translation I went to the control location and opened the door, then removed my glasses so I could see the world in a normal way again. Once the door was open Nira and Ambri quickly rushed in, they stopped quickly in their tracks however when they saw everything that was in this chamber. They had many questions about what I had discovered and how I had opened the door, all of which I answered to the best of my ability, still unsure of what some of the things were. When I got to the part about the glasses I made my way over to the table and grabbed some for them to use so they could see what I had discovered. Once they slipped them on they stopped listening to me and instead started looking at all the wondrous sights there were to see when you wore this little piece of technology. I took advantage of this time to continue my study and translation of the symbols.

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