Monday, April 16, 2012

Nothing to Help With

With the second generation being complete I stood and admired it. The suit was no longer just a suit, but rather a full exoskeleton, slightly smaller than the previous model but packed with technology. It didn't have all the equipment built in anymore, that was instead in different attachments sitting on the floor next to it. I had found the original design with all the technology built in to be impractical. Instead I had made tools for it that were much larger and heavier than the ones I had been able to handle and they could be kept in the suits storage for use later. The armor would move nearly as well as I did outside of it, making it perfect for protection while still allowing me to do everything I needed to. I finished up a few bits and pieces and put my previous life's memories safely in the chamber that was the most secure location in the entire facility. With it locked away I climbed in to my suit, stored the tools I would need for the day and returned to see how the research was coming.

The look of surprise at seeing the newer, sleeker, more advanced model made everything I had been working on worth it. They stopped everything they were doing and rushed forward to inspect every little piece they could. I took advantage of their distraction to use some vision enhancing technology to read over their notes so far on what they had discovered. From what I could tell they would have the chip figured out quickly, which was surprising to me as I had not been able to learn that much in my research, though that had been some time ago and I now had much better technology to work with. I also analyzed their new tools and found that their approach to technology had lead them in a different direction than myself, meaning their equipment did things that mine did not. I was impressed with what they had done so far and realized that it would soon be possible to work with them directly on all my projects, their abilities would enhance my own and we would be able to create wonderful things. When they finally had returned to their work, though still longingly glancing at the shiny new technology, I finished making my way to the surface to assist in finishing the city.

The swarms of individuals made it difficult to move at first, it appeared that not only had the first village come to live here, but all the villages were making their way to this place. All of them had been unified in their desire to advance and so none wished to live on their own anymore. The elders all came together to oversee the development and the people quickly took to the new way of life. There was new technology appearing everywhere in the city and I found that my abilities would not be needed. Even outside the city their farms were developing at a rapid rate. I marveled at what this civilization could become at this rate of advancement, it was truly inspiring to see them all working together. Something about them working this way felt to be out of the norm, though I had no specific examples to tell me why. I looked to see if there was a place for me to fit in to their work, but finding no such need I went back below to check out what they had started to develop in the other chambers of the complex.

In the various chambers I found them researching body armors similar to the first one I made, though they quickly stopped their current progress and started making new designs when they saw mine. I also found them constructing smaller and larger manufacturing devices, the smaller ones starting to resemble my second generation one. They also were developing tools to ease their ability to produce food and protect it and the village from the beasts of the night. It was all quite impressive, and I quickly found that none of their projects required any more input from me. Finding myself once again unneeded I returned my technology to its storage location and made my way back to help the research team unlock the secrets of the memory chip.

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