Monday, April 30, 2012

GOAL: XXI Claim Size

Whoo! What an exciting weekend for me! I decided to use the PED I got from selling my land deeds to have more fun in the game and work on my skills. I gained a full mining level over the weekend on my top skill (prospector) and am now level 22. I also found one of my missing claim sizes that are below a tower and that is size XXI. I now only have two more non-tower sizes to get and that is XIX and XXII, those will probably be difficult to get but if I can keep playing amped and not lose all my PED too quickly I might be able to pull it off. I have to admit, though I know the risk of playing amped, it is super fun. I absolutely love getting globals (yes, I am a global junkie) and playing with level 7 and 8 amps sure can give you a lot of them. For me, it was 25 globals this weekend, and with one that started at rank 5 in the HoF list and made it to number 1 for a bit and then back to 4 before it expired it was quite exciting.

But on a more serious note, I feel it is necessary that I post my precautions to playing how I did this weekend. For one, playing with amps is a calculated risk, you can lose a LOT of money really, really fast by using them. Also, the swirlies don't always mean profit and I actually lost quite a bit on one of the runs I did and have not been able to get that back yet (though I am hopeful). I also took a HUGE risk by going to FOMA for my biggest run. FOMA can eat your PED card faster than you can fill it. Luckily I found that XXI claim, otherwise I would have lost quite a bit considering my profit was only about 7.5% after the run, not counting markup due to the fact that everything hasn't sold yet (someone please buy my narc on auction, I want to play more). Even though that sounds good, before I sold my deeds I had been burning through PED, so I knew my swing should be back up again and I was hoping that it would be on a high this weekend for me (which it was, so that was pretty lucky). I also was being very careful where I would go mining when I was on planet, I needed to get good MU stuff so that the amps wouldn't eat my profits with their extra costs. To do this I used my knowledge of mining on Calypso to choose the spots, this takes a lot of time and a lot of personal drops (just because someone else found an ore/enmat somewhere doesn't mean you will be as lucky to get that same one), so I knew where most of my better spots were and what I could hope to hit if I mined there. I had a few surprises in my travel as well, so my knowledge isn't perfect, but at least I didn't waste some of my better finds on something like lyst. So anyway, what I'm trying to say is, be careful and don't play this way unless you're prepared to see your money go from a good level to a bad level really quick (and basically in saying this I'm saying: if you play this way, expect to lose it all at any point).

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