Tuesday, April 24, 2012

GOAL: Ziplex TK220 Seeker

This one isn't quite as exciting as some of the others I have in mind to reach, but I acquired one, a Ziplex TK220 Seeker. I am trying it out, so far it seems like I've been getting less garbage resources, but I'm also choosing my areas carefully to get a good markup, so maybe I am just choosing the right spots and its not the finder, I suppose we'll find out. I've removed my goal of land deeds as well, I doubt I'd be able to get any more and have no desire for them as I've discovered that I can't withdraw without making some more changes in my life that I just finished making changes on (basically, I don't want to get another account at a bank right now, so until I have a very good reason to withdraw I won't be doing it). Of course, some inspiration could be if I get a 5-6 digit global, that's tempting enough to open an account with one of those evil banks. I suppose there are less evil ones out there if I can find one that will work, but that requires some research I'm not really in the mood for at the moment, so for now money in game is as good as the gold in any other popular online world.

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