Thursday, March 8, 2012

GOAL: Graduated!

This isn't the first time I've graduated, but it was definitely better this time around. The first time I graduated I simply got some congrats and all was done, very anticlimactic considering it took months to do. This time, not only did I get congrats, but I got a big golden swirly, a full set of armor and a vehicle! Definitely much more exciting. My mentor received some mentor edition hunter gloves and she is very happy about it. She really didn't have to do much for me this time as I already knew what I was doing, but she had helped me so much the last time I was going through a discipleship that I had to have her as my mentor this time around.

When I saw that I might graduate last night I was happy that my mentor was on, I really wanted her to be there when I clicked the button. Unfortunately she wasn't on the same planet, so it wasn't quite what I hoped for, but it was still good to see her reaction when I hit the button, she hadn't quite realized I was going to get that last percent so quickly. So when I asked her what she was doing and to stop for a moment I could only imagine what was going through her head. When I clicked the graduate button she quickly found out and then wondered what I had received and the value of it, which someone else was much quicker on doing the math and told her the TT value of a full set of pixie. When that was all done I finished up my mining run, which was another loss for me, and went back to storage to prepare for departure.

With my graduation done I no longer had a good reason to stick around Calypso, it was time to head back to Arkadia, which I had been missing, to see if I could survive there again. The flight was uneventful, I had only seen one pirate when I left and he went off on his own in a different direction without paying me any mind what-so-ever, so my trip was long and I sat there talking to my society. The only other thing I accomplished last night was entering some information about me as a potential mentor, though with my lack of play time I doubt I will end up with many disciples, but at least the info is there if anyone felt they'd like to learn a bit from me, though I feel I will be updating it again with the normal times I might be found online. When I arrived at Arkadia it was already late, I was tired, and though I really wanted to start adventuring again I had to go to bed, thus ending my productive evening.

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  1. Once again gratz and good job!!!