Friday, March 16, 2012

Exchange of Knowledge

I woke early, I had to explore the village before everyone else was awake. As I made my way around I saw so many changes to the once small, simple village. The village was in a much more majestic condition, almost like it could be a capitol, though I was sure all the villages would look like this soon enough. The doors on the walls were closed to prevent the creatures from getting in and it turned out there were several gates leading in and out of the village. There was now a centrally located storage facility for the food, so it looked like they would maintain their community as a whole instead of each individual having to fend for themselves, which told me that there would be less chance of conflict. Each villager had their own idea about what their house should look like, though most were similar in style, varying the most in color. In one of the more secluded corners of the village was the workshop where they had built and now stored the device they had made. The doors were open and I could hear that someone was already working inside. I decided to see what they were up to and ask about what their plan was after they finished remodeling the village.

There were only a handful of them working, they were so absorbed in whatever it was they were constructing that they didn't notice me for several minutes. When they finally did it was to their detriment as they quickly forgot where they were in the configuration. I could see on their faces the disappointment they felt as they realized they would have to start again, but still they were glad to see me and asked if it would be possible to learn more about the display capabilities that I had in my own device. I was surprised they hadn't figured out a similar technology already, it seemed trivial compared to working with converting matter to energy and then back to matter once it was modified. Knowing that they wanted what I had and that they had knowledge I didn't fully understand, I decided to compromise a bit and teach them what I knew about the display technology in exchange for a copy of their notes on their research, this of course wasn't approved until they woke a few of the elders up and all was agreed upon. Within a few hours I had a copy of the notes and they had their first crude display showing them nothing at all. It would take a few days for them to figure out how to display something useful on the screen, but once it was implemented they would greatly speed up their technological advancement.

With the notes that they had, and some food I had bartered for, I began learning more about what I had been doing. The irony of learning about something I made after I had made it didn't escape me, and several times I just sat there chuckling to myself as I realized how impossible the idea would have been had I not had the product sitting before me. At times I would stop my reading to modify the designs I had stored, the end product would be so much different than what I had imagined and it took me a few days going between my home and the village to restock my supplies before I finally got through it all. When all was done I felt much better about working on things, I finally had some idea of how it seemed to work, though their way of doing it wasn't perfectly the same as the way the device did it, but I would be able to figure that out eventually. I took some time to digitize the notes, cleaning them up and making the text easier to read once it was stored safely. I also added my own notes as well to clarify a few things that were different in their version than from mine. My next task was to gather the remaining materials I did not have for the final product of my invention, it had been changed so much that it would no longer be one simple piece of technology, but rather a series of ever growing ones as each one paved the way for the next.

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