Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Self Induced Amnesia

The infusion of knowledge made my head spin, it took quite a bit of effort to keep myself alert as my surroundings changed. I vaguely remembered bits and pieces but it was all so hazy from the amount of knowledge that was put there. My head throbbed and one of the new thoughts came to the forefront of my mind, it was information telling me that basically my brain wasn't evolved enough for the amount of information it held and I needed to quickly use this new knowledge to pull some old knowledge out for safe keeping. I was hesitant to pull it out, knowing that there was a loss every time it was done, but as if anticipating my thoughts some schematics came to mind that showed me a lossless system that could be constructed using some natural materials, most of which seemed to be close at hand. Indeed, almost everything I needed was here in this sheltered area I found myself in. It was a small crevice hidden between some rocks that were rich in resources, more than enough to construct what I would need, the only problem was I found that I had nothing to work with. My own nakedness shocked me, I had never known a jump to remove all possessions and yet here I found myself with nothing. Once the shock passed I was once again aware of the increasing pain I was going through, my head felt like it was going to explode and I needed to act quickly. Once again the necessary knowledge came to mind and I got to work gathering the things around me that I would need.

It was strange as the first device came together, it was like watching my body on autopilot yet I knew exactly what it was doing. It was like I had done this before and it was so familiar to me that I could do it even in my sleep. As the progress continued moving forward, first making the tools then the technology I became less and less aware of what was going on around me. The pain was so great that nothing mattered but following the directions I had in my mind. I hadn't realized how quickly technology could be created with the right knowledge of the materials you were working with, though I knew some of them I had never touched before now. It seemed like hours working through the pain, but when the final device was activated and most of my life previous to these events left my head I was aware that only perhaps 40 minutes had passed. How had I done all this so quickly? I wasn't sure, perhaps there was something I knew at one point about making myself move faster but it was gone. I knew that I had previous knowledge and that it was in this ingenious little chip that I was now holding and that I could not have this knowledge back until I could find a way to contain it again, perhaps the secrets of my quick work were contained in it and perhaps not, someday I hoped to find out. Until that day I needed to keep this little device safe, and so I quickly used the tools I had to create a container to hold this precious thing and keep it safe from harm.

With my head clear I quickly took note of my surroundings. Outside of the safety of the rocks was a small forest and a field beyond it. The rocks made up part of a huge mountain that I found myself standing at the foot of. I inspected my surroundings as best I could to make sure my secret spot was safe and carefully put my tools away before venturing out into the woods. I would need many more materials to make the things I would need before venturing forth into this world and I knew they were likely to grow among the trees. My mission was clear, I had much work to do but would need to make contact with the natives to get their help in completing all that I had to in time for the events that were to come. It was strange knowing what the future would hold and having instructions from myself in order to prepare for them, but they didn't detail every step, which was good as I had to learn all the knowledge I was to put into my own head in the future.

Being in the past was strange, I knew I could do so much damage here and yet I had to be here in order for the future to be what it would be, at least that's what I was assuring myself of in the knowledge infusion. I wished I could once again have the knowledge of the future but it would probably kill me to take it all back now. As I contemplated the situation I had put myself in to ensure my own survival I finished gathering up the various plants I needed and returned to my work area. The plants would create fibres and cloth for me to then create clothes from, then my appearance should be less of a shock to the natives when I found them. It didn't take long, the tools I had made before worked easily with these raw resources to create some simple pants and a shirt, I wouldn't need shoes as the beings of this planet embraced nature and all that it provided. I had also constructed a backpack to hold my belongings, they seemed a bit heavy, which surprised me, I would have imagined that I carried such tools often and yet my body, though strong, seemed to have never carried the burden in such a way as to have it slung on its back. As I made my way through the forest I gathered up some fruits to take with me, I also made sure to stop by a small stream and fill my water bag from it, it would be a long journey to reach the closest town, I just hoped the knowledge I had of this world was accurate enough to lead me there safely.

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