Friday, June 3, 2011

Arriving at the Village

The unfortunate thing about unexperienced knowledge is just how much you don't comprehend it. It was clear that the information in my head had been mostly composed of the necessary information to save myself and a general outline of some things I needed to accomplish, however it didn't give every detailed step after the initial set that had allowed me to create these devices, and even that knowledge was very limited. It also seemed that some of the things I had been given were made to go into the recesses of my mind as I could no longer tell how exactly the devices I had functioned, just that they did exactly what I needed them to do. I planned to spend some time figuring them out again, I was sure I could, but I first had to make it somewhere safer. I was aware that there were lots of different creatures in this world and most of them were harmless, however if I didn't make it to town before nightfall there were no longer any guarantees to my safety. The information I wished had been experienced knowledge instead of just figures was the distance to the nearest town from where I had been. Though I knew it would be a long journey I hadn't imagined it being quite this long. I had spent most of my time walking contemplating the tasks I had before me, at least until that knowledge started to fade as well. I knew the general idea of what I needed to do, mostly to learn about the technology I had and to ensure I could put the steps together much like I had experienced, though I wasn't sure why I had to make sure those things were done. It was strange having all this information and then for it to leave again like it was all only a dream. The thought I toyed with as the vast amount of the steps for my future faded was how exactly this would be of benefit to a person to tell them what they needed to do and then force them to forget it, perhaps it would surface again as I accomplished the tasks at hand. Luckily one memory wasn't leaving me, and that was of the little device that contained all the knowledge I had previously, I was glad to know that it was there and it brought me comfort that I would some day be able to know who I was and where I came from.

The sun was just about gone by the time I saw the town, the joy of finally seeing my destination gave me energy and I ran the rest of the way. Upon reaching the edge of town I saw the shadows of creatures moving about, these I imagined must be the inhabitants of this village. I took a moment to collect myself, making sure I didn't surprise them and cause myself more problems than I already faced. As I mentally prepared several greetings I heard some of them nearby discussing various goings-on, most notably the changes they'd noticed in the natural things around them. Things seemed out of place, like something unusual were happening in the delicate balance of the planet. I thought for a moment I had done something wrong already when they mentioned how long things had been slowly changing, which brought me some relief. I listened for a while longer to what they discussed, it brought me some peace to know what kinds of things these beings discussed, I imagined many creatures that looked like myself doing the same, though I had no immediate memories of participating in such discussions. I waited a little while longer, wanting to find a good opportunity to confront these things, whatever they were, and when I felt I had a good chance to not completely take them by surprise I stepped around the corner of one of their simple buildings.

The silence that surrounded us as we gazed at each other was disturbing to me. I knew they had never seen a creature such as me and I didn't feel I had ever seen any such as they were and so we just stared. It dawned on me that all my waiting and preparing was for nothing, gazing upon them had stripped from me any elegant thought of introduction and so, finally breaking the silence, I greeted them in their tongue to which a look of surprise appeared on all of their faces. After another moment one of them stammered a greeting in reply, it was clear that they were shocked that anything else on this world would have been able to speak to them as I had just done. I then began trying my best to explain to them what I knew of myself, which wasn't much, but at least I could tell them that I was not like them and I believed I was from another world altogether, to which they seemed even more perplexed, though not completely surprised. Their response to all of this when I finished relating it all to them was to know how I had arrived, to which I could give no definite reply except that I believe I had been sent here for a purpose. After this brief conversation they whispered among themselves and finally decided to take me to the leaders of their village to determine what should be done with me. I followed them without another word and waited with a few of them as the rest went inside a large building. From the few noises I heard there was much shock and disbelief until finally one of them popped its head out to look at me and then just as quickly as it appeared it went back in. A few more exchanged words and then one of the first that I had met ushered me in.

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