Tuesday, April 19, 2011

NEWS: Moving Forward

I have written the next post in the story, it will show up tomorrow at midnight, I am assuming that would be my time which is Mountain Time. I will not be continuing the daily posts, that is just going to be too much work to keep up with and so I will continue the story at my leisure. I actually do have some idea of where I'm going with the story this time, so I hope it is still enjoyable to read and hopefully I can fill the path to my planned destination with lots of little twists and turns for our hero. As always, I enjoy seeing your comments and thoughts about my writing, so please feel free to discuss.

I am also hoping to eventually include other tidbits of the goings on of Sorven in the future as well, perhaps a bit of in-game blogging such as the numerous mining logs I see except encompassing a bit more. I will tag such posts as In-Game and the posts pertaining to the story as Story to make it easier to follow the different things I write about. I have also created a Sorven Twitter account so you can see his accomplishments, I don't know if I will use that any further than just in-game activities, but we'll see, there are always many possibilities. Anyway, I hope you all stop by tomorrow to read the latest part of the story and also continue reading the future posts that will come as well.

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