Thursday, March 7, 2013

Rebuilding the Ruins

The once flourishing city was in ruins now, it was hard to see it this way. I had watched it being built, it had gone up so quickly and the residents had learned so much in such a short time. I couldn't hide the sorrow I felt seeing the place the way it was, I knew I had helped build it and in the end I had also helped to destroy it. Though one thing was strange about it, the ruins didn't look like they had been destroyed in war, but rather by time. I knew it hadn't taken much time for the Klatvix to catch up with me, or rather us, it was still a hard thing to grasp just how many lives ended up back in that one location and were now a part of me. I knew about reincarnation, but this was different. I didn't have fragments of past lives coming through as others claimed to have, I had full lives filled with sorrow, joy, and love. So many experiences, and yet despite them this life was the one I cherished the most. Something about recovering a life I had lost made it very dear to me. There were still others to recover, and perhaps one of them would be better, but for now I wanted to revel in my return to this one.

We spent weeks wandering and talking about the things I'd seen, what happened and how we thought it could have been possible. I found many fragments of the former society that lived here, but no signs of what fate befell them. Most of the time we stayed above ground, but once in awhile I would show them something I had built below. They were impressed at seeing the objects, knowing that even though I had done it before I had done it better this time. I had gone from primitive technology to fully featured and improved technology in a matter of weeks. They didn't ask me too many questions about what I had gone through, mostly just letting me decide which parts I wanted to share. Eventually I had gone through the story of the life on this planet and was hesitant to talk about some of the others right away, but knew soon I would have to start discussing it, Ambri and Nira would both be able to help me figure out what to do next. However, I felt that before I told them any of the stories that there was some work to be done here.

I was still hesitant to touch the technology below, instead we spent some time rebuilding the city that once stood above. I remembered it all vividly and we used the same methods to build it as they had used then, though we had the advantage of very refined technology to speed it up. Most of the materials we needed were still on site, it was like nothing had been moved or touched, the residents had just disappeared. When we got to the area that I'd never seen before we stopped, I spent some time looking at it but had no idea what they had done here. From what I could tell though, it had been important, so important that it appeared many of them had been involved. I hoped that perhaps it had been a ship that they would then have used to escape from the Klatvix, though I doubted they had developed their technology that far that fast. It was strange how little information I had from the moment I had entered the cube until the Klatvix had retrieved it once more. They had wasted little time once they had it again in putting it in a location that I couldn't readily escape. In fact, they had activated all the bits and pieces that locked it down until Nasero had figured out how to open it, though he wasn't aware yet that his part was key in my escape, I would let him know eventually, but I wanted to wait and do that when we visited him next.

When we had finished rebuilding the city, save the part that I had no idea what it should look like, I had the machines return to the surface and reprogrammed them to maintain and care for the structures. Though we would stay here for awhile yet I wanted to ensure everything would be cared for during our stay so that I could finally share with them what I had truly been through.

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