Monday, December 19, 2011

The Tower Club

Not much has happened in the past weeks since I last wrote. I've been out mining, had some luck, had some non-luck. I've hit a few finds of a good size, stuff that made it easy to live for a few more weeks and in those few weeks I've pretty much lost what was saved up. It seems to go like that a lot in mining. Some weeks you find the good stuff, then others you can't seem to figure out how to lock in on a good signal. I've had to do some odd jobs here and there to keep the PED flowing, nothing special, just your basic work that brings in a small monthly allowance. I had read about an investment opportunity recently that would bring in a steady weekly income, but after reading what it would cost I knew it would take me a long time to earn enough to buy into it. Or, I could just find a lucky rare claim. These rare claims I dream of don't come as a normal claim, the markers are modified to do the extraction for you. It would be nice if all claims did this, but I suppose it would cost too much. Anyway, the term given to these claims is "tower". The claim marker is called a tower because it works like a drilling tower would. It pulls the resource up and stores it until it can be taken somewhere else. These kinds of claims are hard to get, and more people who I've heard of that get them have larger pocketbooks than me and can afford some of the fancy amps that I occasionally try to use, though without much success usually. So I dreamed for the last couple of weeks, wishing I could become part of that elite club and dreamed of using that money to make life easier here. To me it was always a dream. Then I made the next drop.

Words can't adequately describe what I felt when I saw that XXIII size on my finder. I thought, it must be a glitch, I didn't really find something that big, did I? I looked again, making sure I didn't imagine it; no, it was still the same. I checked myself, tried to make sure I wasn't dreaming, but no, the adrenaline flowing through my veins told me I was quite thoroughly awake. I went to the claim site and did a test extraction on it, sure enough I got a message saying that the resource was already being pulled up for me and that I could get the first load of it in about a day. I had really done it, I had hit a tower! I sat there and thought of all my dreams, realizing now that some of them could start to happen. I could get involved in that investment opportunity and make a steadier income, well, as steady as it is for a miner who will use it to search for more treasures. After about ten or fifteen minutes I finished my dreaming and realized I had been standing there staring, I looked one more time at the claim deed and then moved on, finishing my mining run and anxiously anticipating tomorrow when I could extract part of my claim and buy the deeds that were involved in the opportunity.

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